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   A fine company.

The Gym Mat
   Finally, some real pee

people who pretend to be blind

St. Andrew's Bar
   Don't pay for their refusal to serve drinks!

The Long Island Rail Road
   This rail road is not very efficient

The Southern State Parkway
   The Most Useless Piece of Shit Roadway on Long Island

Super Milk-Chan
   What the fuck is the problem with this show? Fucking hell.

Piss On You! webpage
   This guy has a webpage that is somewhat similar to this one.

   Hitler doesn't want you alone!

The Landlady
   The whoreish bitch who complicates my life

Fed-Ex and UPS
   Can I get a GOD DAMN package??

Flush Your Money Down The Toilet
   The worst way to experience the desert

This Can of Stuff
   Did not do what it claimed

Red Fear
   A soft drink that doesn't exist.

Police Helicopters in the Road
   They should not yell at me just because they landed there.

Old Farts Driving Capabilities
   No idea how to use a blinker?

I piss on you Storm!
   a boy (we think) in sixth grade who pisses me off and therefor deserves to be pissed on!

The German Contribution
   This is what the nihilists are up to nowadays

   and all of its overpaid employees who rob us all

   A site dedicated to NOT pissing

JiffyLube wrecked my car
   You would think lube was a good thing

Weed and College
   Both have advantages.

Jerk City
   Rant #2

Spiders in My Toilet
   Fucking spiders invade my house so I put them in my toilet and pee on them

*Sigh*...to be a non-professional
   After working one year as a research technician, I have realized my potential as a thankless, go nowhere employee...

Pivotal Relationship
   I'm going to get fired for urinating on the server

   I really really don't get it.

My cotton undershorts
   A Brief Description

I piss on Furries
   God, I hate furries.

Police Arresting Germans
   What the hell is this picture?

My morning bus ride
   Why do these buses suck so much?

The King Of France
   The king of france can suck my balls!

Saddam Hussein
   He likes piss

Rape Prevention
   Who likes these anyway?

Urine Town
   Fuck fuck fuck shit bitch fuck

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